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Hot Mines by Valor Games

Play Hot Mines at Valor Casino and get bonus up to 292.500 INR on the first 4 deposits

Hot Mines Game at Valor Casino

Hot Mines is a very fun online casino game that you can only find in India on the Valor Casino platform. This exclusive game is a very different attraction from the usual ones, as it is not about spinning reels but selecting cards from the grid.

Hot Mines, as I said, is exclusive to Valor Bet and comes from an interesting software developer known as InOut. This game has an RTP of 97% and was launched in 2023. Since then, it has been available to Indian players with a wide range of betting options.

The minimum bet for Hot Mines can be as low as 0.9 INR, which is an ideal amount for less experienced gamblers. On the other hand, the maximum bet is up to 17,000 INR with a maximum win of 830,000 INR. In short, it’s a game that is really different from what I’ve tried in my career as an online casino expert. In this review, I’ll tell you all the details, including the best bonuses to play Hot Mines from India. Click below and play Hot Mines for free.

How to Play Hot Mines?

How to Play Hot Mines?

Hot Mines is a very entertaining and quite different game from other casino attractions I’ve tried. As a casino expert, I’m always attracted to innovations and Hot Mines, more than a simple slot machine, is a game of guessing cells.

Hot Mines immerses you in an arid adventure where you can find two things: cacti that give you prizes and bombs that keep you from big winnings. It is a grid of 25 cells, and the more cacti you find, the greater your prizes. But if you hit just one bomb, you lose everything you’ve accumulated.

In the game’s settings panel, you can determine the maximum number of bombs to have in the game. The more bombs there are, the less chance you have of hitting. Therefore, the higher the number of bombs in the game, the greater the prize. However, if you play with fewer bombs and find all the cacti, you can reach the highest multiplier in Hot Mines. You can set from 3 bombs, which is the minimum, to 23 bombs, which is the maximum.

The multipliers according to the number of cacti found are as follows:

  • 1 = x 1.25
  • 2 = x 1.44
  • 3 = x 1.67
  • 4 = x 1.93
  • 5 = x 2.3
  • 7 = x 2.73
  • 8 = x 3.28
  • 9 = x 3.98
  • 10 = x 4.9
  • 11 = x 6.12
  • 12 = x 7.8
  • 13 = x 10.14
  • 14 = x 13.52
  • 15 = x 18.59
  • 16 = x 26.55
  • 17 = x 39.83
  • 18 = x 63.74
  • 19 = x 111.55
  • 20 = x 223.1
  • 21 = x 557.75
  • 22 = x 2,230,000

Features of Hot Mines

Hot Mines, to some extent, seemed to me quite a simple game. It is not the typical slot machine with a wide variety of symbols that lead to bonus rounds. The dynamics are very entertaining despite being simple, and below I present its most basic functions.

Number of bombs

Number of bombs

In the main menu, you will see a button to activate the number of bombs you want to play with. Remember that the fewer bombs there are, the more chances you have of accumulating cacti.

However, if you opt for the maximum number of bombs allowed in the game, with just a couple of hits, you can get very high winnings.


As a crash-type game, you accumulate multipliers until you decide to cash out. In my experience, I can say that sometimes it is difficult to cash out, but that’s when we risk really interesting winnings.

The excitement of this game is knowing how to make the right decision at the right time. I like that unlike other games of this style, you can take your time to think about each move without having to make hasty decisions.

How to Play Hot Mines on Valor Bet?

Playing this interesting game from Valor Bet Casino is one of the best ideas I had; that’s how I realized that Hot Mines is an exclusive attraction of this operator. All you have to do to play Hot Mines from Valor Bet Casino in India is follow these steps:

  1. Log in and register at Valor Bet Casino
  2. Make your first deposit of at least 300 INR
  3. Access the operator’s exclusive games section
  4. Enter the name Hot Mines in the search engine
  5. Click on the game icon and enjoy Hot Mines with the welcome bonus

Bonuses for Playing Hot Mines

Of course, you are free to determine the amount you want to deposit in Valor Bet to bet on Hot Mines and many other attractive games. However, I personally recommend depositing 600 INR, which is what I deposited, and for which I received a 125% bonus of that amount.

In fact, the Hot Mines bonus is even more generous. In the years I have been trying casino games and platforms to play them, I can confidently say that Valor Bet’s bonus to play Hot Mines for free is among the best not only in India but also in much of Latin America.

It is a welcome bonus that is not even double or triple but quadruple. Yes, you can actually receive up to 292,500 INR in total for your first four deposits. These bonuses are available to play Hot Mines for free and are divided as follows:

  • 125% for the first deposit up to 56,250 INR
  • 150% for the second deposit up to 67,500 INR
  • 175% for the third deposit up to 78,750 INR
  • 200% for the fourth deposit up to 90,000 INR

Tips and Tricks for Playing Hot Mines

Playing Hot Mines is fun, very entertaining actually. Indeed, in my years of experience trying casino games, I can say that few attractions are like this one. With all that I know in my years as a casino expert, I can give you some tips to make the time playing Hot Mines even more enjoyable.

Play with fewer bombs while you gain experience

The first thing I can recommend is to try with the least number of bombs possible. This way, the winnings won’t be high, but the chances of increasing the multiplier will be. As a casino betting expert, I tell you that this is a great idea to gain experience in the game. When you feel more familiar with Hot Mines, you can try to risk a little more.

Don’t overdo your luck, withdraw in time

Remember that the cashout function is what ultimately makes you take winnings to your account. It’s fine to test your luck and challenge fate by seeking the highest possible winnings. However, winning something, no matter how little, is always better than winning nothing. Press the cashout button at the right time, and you will have the opportunity to continue betting more but with guaranteed winnings.

Take advantage of the Hot Mines bonus

As you know, you can get up to nearly 300 thousand INR to play Hot Mines for free on the Valor Bet Casino platform. Do not miss this magnificent opportunity to play Hot Mines for free with such a high bonus. Remember that in my long journey as an online casino expert, I have rarely seen bonuses as generous as this.

Monitor your betting history

Hot Mines and the Valor Bet platform give you the opportunity to check your betting history. This way, both to meet the bonus rollover and simply to manage the bank, it is great to keep this record to implement system bets that give very good results in the long run.

Apply strategies

As I have said many times in other reviews, games of chance can be difficult to predict but at the same time lend themselves to applying probability strategies.

My favorite strategy with Hot Mines, according to my long career as an expert casino game analyst, would be the Martingale method. However, remember that this method gives benefits in the long run since it is an alternative where you set an initial bet amount and for each failed play, you double the amount in the next game until you win and then return to the original amount.

Other strategies that I recommend applying when playing Hot Mines are:

  • Fibonacci
  • D’Alembert
  • Reverse Martingale


To conclude, I want to remind you that Hot Mines raises adrenaline to the maximum with great comfort since Valor Bet offers the opportunity to play from mobile through the browser thanks to its web optimized for both iOS and Android.

I also reiterate that in my years as a casino expert analyst, I have rarely seen a bonus as generous as this from Valor Bet to play Hot Mines for free. The RTP of 97% along with a max win up to 830,000 INR seem to me to be a perfect combination to enjoy this wonderful game in one of the best casinos in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Hot Mines played?

It is a crash-type game where you reveal cards and accumulate multipliers. The more cacti you reveal, the more winnings you get until a bomb explodes. You must cash out before a bomb explodes, or you lose everything.

Can I play Hot Mines from mobile?

Yes. This game is exclusive to Valor Bet, which offers a platform optimized for mobile devices that can be accessed from the browser.

Can Hot Mines be played for free?

Yes, the Valor Bet welcome bonus is a quadruple bonus of over 292,000 INR that you can enjoy playing Hot Mines.

What is the maximum win in Hot Mines?

Hot Mines offers a maximum win of 830,000 INR.