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Aviator Game

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Aviator at ValorBet Casino

Aviator at ValorBet Casino

Launched in 2019 by Spribe, Aviator is a 2D crash game known for its straightforward graphics. It boasts a high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.3%.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Aviator can also be played for free at ValorBet. The game utilizes a Random Number Generator (RNG) system, ensuring fairness and transparency. Spribe, the developer, is well-regarded and holds international licenses from Malta (MGA) and the United Kingdom (UKGC), operating under the serial license number 000-057302-R-333085-001.

How to Play Aviator?

Often referred to as “the little airplane game,” ValorBet Aviator is exceptionally straightforward and its simplicity adds to its appeal. Curious about how to play? Let’s dive in.

Aviator features basic graphics and simple game mechanics. It’s categorized as a crash game with a multiplier element, where your bet can increase multiple times based on the game’s dynamics.

To play Aviator, you start by placing a bet. Then, watch the game progress until it’s time to make a strategic decision. The game involves making your wager while the airplane is on the runway and opting to cash out before it takes off.

The excitement of the game lies in timing your withdrawal perfectly: maximizing the multiplier without waiting too long. Once the airplane takes off, if you haven’t cashed out, you’ll lose whatever you’ve accumulated.


Aviator, though characterized by its straightforward graphics, remains captivating with its functionality and features. The interface is rudimentary, designed in 2D, making it among the most elementary in its category. It lacks the elaborate visuals found in many contemporary slot machines, yet its visual arrangement—melding red with a dark backdrop—is visually appealing.

Explore the primary features and unique functions of Aviator to see what sets this game apart.

Live Chat

A prominent feature of Aviator is the live chat capability. This allows real-time interaction with other players while you play. It’s particularly beneficial on platforms hosting tournaments or promotional events where you compete with others.

This feature is accessible via the game interface, indicated by the chat icon.

Dual Betting

Aviator allows players to use two betting slots at the same time. You can activate these slots separately, mere seconds apart, employing them as part of your strategy to enhance your chances of winning in Aviator. Furthermore, you are free to place different bet amounts on each slot, providing flexibility to experiment with various betting strategies.

Automated Play

For those who prefer a hands-off approach to potentially earning profits, Aviator offers an automated mode. Simply click the “automatic” button before placing your bet, and a detailed menu will appear, enabling you to configure how Aviator plays on your behalf.

This mode doesn’t just automate game starts; it also allows you to specify conditions under which your bets should close. You can set it to stop the game based on three different scenarios:

  • When the multiplier decreases to a specified amount
  • When the multiplier increases to a specified amount
  • When you achieve or surpass a predetermined profit level


A notable feature of the Aviator game is the ability to access real-time statistical data. This feature lets you monitor the performance of other players’ bets during your game.

This capability is crucial for players who prefer to strategize based on probabilities. The more errors other players make, the better your chances of landing a significant win.

Tips and Tricks

The primary goal of playing Aviator is enjoyment. Nevertheless, the excitement is heightened when you win. Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your success in Aviator sessions.

Play Aviator for Free to Build Experience

Before diving into real money betting, we recommend starting with the demo version. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, gain valuable experience, and then transition to betting real money.

For Aviator, trying out the demo is an excellent way to understand the multiplier dynamics and the critical timing for pressing buttons to maximize success.

Utilize Special Features

Aviator includes several unique features that can help increase your winnings. Here are some ways to leverage these features:

Double Bet

To avoid losing your entire wager once the plane takes off, you can use the double bet feature. Place a higher bet first and withdraw it early, then let the second, smaller bet ride for a longer duration.

Live Chat

Engage with more seasoned players through live chat to gather tips and effective strategies.


Keep an eye on the betting trends of other players. This insight can inform you of the winning probabilities in Aviator during your gaming session.

While automatic bets are not universally recommended, experimenting with them may reveal a strategy that fits well with your gaming style.

Implement Betting Strategies


This is a progressive strategy where you double your Aviator bet after each loss, continuing until you achieve a profit, which then resets your bet to the original amount.

Paroli System

This approach is the inverse of the Martingale. You maintain your initial bet following each loss and only increase your bet in Aviator after securing a win.


This method involves increasing your bet in Aviator after each loss and decreasing your bet by one level or stake following a win. It resembles the Martingale system but scales back the bet in smaller increments instead of returning directly to the starting amount.


Playing Aviator offers a thrilling experience where simplicity enhances both the excitement and potential winnings. Best of all, you can enjoy this game on your mobile device, ensuring that it is both accessible and legal for a hassle-free gaming experience.